This blog is about sailing my home-build "Goat Island Skiff". A 16ft wooden "new classic" dinghy designed by Michael Storer.
I have started building this boat in September 2009 and launched it October 2010. I am using it mainly as a single-handed trailer-sailer dinghy in my home-area, the inland waterways of the Dutch "Biesbosch" and surrounding rivers.

dinsdag 21 september 2010

KIS principle on a GIS, part1

One of the main interesting things in the design of a Goat Island Skiff is simplicity! In my opinion KIS (Keep It Simple) is one of the main principles of succesfull boatdesign, sailing and yachting. You eliminate costs and maintenance and improve fun and safety.

Following this KIS principle I try to keep rigging as simple as possible. While building this GIS I have drilled 8mm holes around the mast area, rounded them as much as possible and soaked them with epoxy. Simple 4mm dynema rope-loops are used to fix anything needed. I have used 8mm stainless washers to avoid knots to enter these holes.
No screws, nothing that can be damaged, light weight, easy adaptable or removed, and at very little costs.

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