This blog is about sailing my home-build "Goat Island Skiff". A 16ft wooden "new classic" dinghy designed by Michael Storer.
I have started building this boat in September 2009 and launched it October 2010. I am using it mainly as a single-handed trailer-sailer dinghy in my home-area, the inland waterways of the Dutch "Biesbosch" and surrounding rivers.

donderdag 23 september 2010

KIS principle on a GIS part 2

I have used holes to fix ropes in more occasions.
I drilled 12 mm holes to fix mooring lines. Just take a rope through a hole and use a stopper-knot to hold it in place.

I have also used holes to fix a rope-traveller. I have used 5 mm Dynema for this.

To have these holes nicely rounded helps to protect both epoxy and the rope itself.
I have used a router to make these roundings in a quick way.

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  1. Hi Ralph, graag je advies. Waar kan ik het beste een tekening vandaan halen van de GIS?