This blog is about sailing my home-build "Goat Island Skiff". A 16ft wooden "new classic" dinghy designed by Michael Storer.
I have started building this boat in September 2009 and launched it October 2010. I am using it mainly as a single-handed trailer-sailer dinghy in my home-area, the inland waterways of the Dutch "Biesbosch" and surrounding rivers.

woensdag 29 september 2010

Hicking straps

Just before launching my GIS on a windy day I was wondering how to get simple hicking straps fixed quickly. I had some dynema rope, soft plastic tubing and pipe-isolation foam available, so I tried to use that for a "temperary solution"
Initially I had fixed 2 stainless eyes in the middle and used one strap, but that's not an ideal position for comfortable hiking ( if "hiking" could be called "comfortable " at all )
Now I have fixed two stainless eyes in the front, 20 cm from the centerline, and 2 straps. This seems to be the right position for me. The straps work very well and are quite comfortable with this foam padding. It's closed cell foam and could be replaced very cheaply if needed.

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