This blog is about sailing my home-build "Goat Island Skiff". A 16ft wooden "new classic" dinghy designed by Michael Storer.
I have started building this boat in September 2009 and launched it October 2010. I am using it mainly as a single-handed trailer-sailer dinghy in my home-area, the inland waterways of the Dutch "Biesbosch" and surrounding rivers.

donderdag 23 september 2010

Goat Island Skiff on a standard box-trailer

One of the nice things of a flat-bottum skiff design is that it fits on any trailer.
I already had this 200x120 cm box-trailer and made it ready to carry my new boat. The overall weight of the boat is around 100kg so it is quite light-weight.
You see everything fits nice and compact inside the hull. I have made a cut-out in the transom for a small outboard and another one to hold the mast.

Getting the boat into the water on a trailer-ramp is quite easy; just lift the bow a bit and push it back. Gravity helps to slide the hull towards the water. If the back of the hull is afloat, you simply lower the bow into the water standing in the trailer-box.
To get the boat on the trailer takes a bit more effort. First step is to stand in the trailer-box and lift the bow onto the trailer. After that I attach a heavy 1:4 tackle ( old mainsheet system from a yacht ) on the bow ( strong eye-bolt ) and pull the hull forward untill it is in the right position.
If you handle things right, you do not even get your feet wet.

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